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Teacher Training Program



The Training Program sessions are available at the Institute for the Alexander Technique in Manhattan and North Salem, NY. 


Private Sessions can be scheduled in both location, depending on individual circumstance.


The Training Program is designed to meet the needs of serious practitioners and future professionals. The program is approved by the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT).  Graduates are fully qualified to teach the Alexander Technique. 


The rolling admissions schedule, based on 4-week modules, will take into account the specific needs of all participants and course leaders.


More details are available here, or to get in touch by phone or email, please click the Contact links below.

The goal of The Institute for the Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program is to educate skilled practitioners in developing a solid foundation to launch careers as practitioners of the Technique. Students acquire the ability to recognize and alter deep habitual patterns, achieve responsibility over them, and master the ability to craft new patterns. The training program meets the AMSTAT basic requirements for certification.


Both Training Courses and Private Sessions in the Alexander Technique are led by AmSAT and STAT Certified Trainers Thomas G. Lemens, Michael Ostrow, and Laurie Kline. Email Thom directly HERE. Email Michael and Laurie by TEXT or EMAIL, or use the Contact Form below.


The Teacher Training Program is led using an innovative rolling admissions model, allowing maximum flexibility both for teachers and trainees. Within each calendar year, there will be a total of 10 four-week sections. To learn more details about the format, click HERE.


The training is open to individuals who are considering training, and those who have graduated from a program and spent at least three years teaching. All class work for 2024 will be held at the Institute for the Alexander Technique in Manhattan and North Salem, NY. (See Map) 

The Institute for the Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program is dedicated to continuing the legacy of Patrick Macdonald, and also owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Macdonald's associate Shoshana Kaminitz. Ms. Kaminitz deepened Thomas Lemens' understanding of the Alexander Technique, especially the crucial role of thinking and reasoning as it applies to the Technique.


Thomas Lemens, Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique
Thomas Lemens demonstrates the Alexander Technique with an equestrian
Thomas Lemens
Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Thom Lemens is Board Certified as a private teacher and a training teacher by the Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique in London (STAT) and by the American Society of Alexander Teachers (AmSAT). He was a founding board member of NASTAT and served as the first chairman of its Research and Education Committee and subsequently as director of its Training Course Coordination Committee.


As the founder and Director of The Institute for The Alexander Technique, Mr. Lemens provided a four–year training course from 1983 to 2002, leading to certification of its graduates as teachers of The Alexander Technique.

Mr. Lemens trained as a teacher of The Alexander Technique under Patrick MacDonald in London from 1973 to 1976. Mr. MacDonald was one of a select group of teachers trained by the founder of the Technique, F.M. Alexander.​

Since 1976, Thomas G Lemens has maintained a thriving private practice as a teacher of The Alexander Technique in both Manhattan and Westchester County, NY. Mr. Lemens has helped his many clients alleviate back pain and improve their overall sense of well-being and ease of motion, achieving optimal health for both body and mind. Mr. Lemens’ diverse clientele includes equestrians, musicians, frequent computer users, and those recovering from repetitive stress and other types of injuries.

He is also a Registered Movement Therapist with the International Movement Association.​

Laurie Kline.jpg
Michael Ostrow.jpg
Laurie Kline and Michael Ostrow
Certified Teachers of the Alexander Technique

Laurie Kline and Michael Ostrow are certified by both the American (AmSAT) and English (STAT) certifying organizations, and have been teaching the Technique since 1990. 

Laurie Kline has been teaching the Alexander technique for over 30 years. She has given workshops throughout the metropolitan area.

Originally she was a professional dancer. Wanting to further explore movement at a deeper and more fundamental level, she trained as a teacher in the Alexander Technique. Her previous experience as a professional dancer uniquely qualifies her to work with performing artists and athletes. But she has also worked with a wide variety of clients, from office workers with problems sitting at their computers, to people suffering from chronic pain, to people interested in self-improvement and self-exploration.

Laurie has been certified by the Open Focus biofeedback Center in Princeton New Jersey, and has also worked with the renowned breathing expert, Carl Stough.


Michael Ostrow graduated from Thomas Lemens training class in 1990. He assisted in Thomas Lemens’ training class from 1995 to 2001, where he also taught anatomy and voice to the trainees. He has worked with clients from all walks of life, from performing artists and athletes, to office workers with back or neck pain. 
Michael studied with a number of voice teachers over many years, during his training and afterwards, including the renowned voice and breathing expert, Carl Stough.  Through these years of experience he developed a unique approach to breathing and voice which enabled him to help clients with a variety of voice and breathing issues.
Before discovering the Alexander Technique, his interest in philosophy and "mind-body" disciplines led him to study Zen Buddhism for a number of years after getting a BA in philosophy. But these approaches lacked what Alexander called “the bridge between theory and practice.” Finally, in the Alexander Technique he discovered a revolutionary yet very practical approach to freeing people from sub-conscious ways of reacting and moving so they can live a more poised and mindful life. It has remained his inspiration and central focus since then. 


Institute for the Alexander Technique

Institute for the Alexander Technique
North Salem Location:

2 Keeler Lane, North Salem NY 10560

Manhattan Location to be determined.


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Phone/Text: (917) 294-9177

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